Keeping busy

Today I felt pretty good and didn't spend the whole day sitting and waiting for some sort of sign.  In fact, I've kept myself very busy today!

We knew we were going to give Cooper a bath, and since it was a nice sunny (cold) day, we decided to take him to the dog park.  Oddly enough, despite the fact that the whole park is covered in mulch, he didn't eat any!  But as soon as he got out of the car at home, he headed for the mulch to eat.  Stupid dog.

When he came home he was FILTHY, so it was straight into the bath (which he was not happy about).  Which of course meant scrubbing the tub when he was all done.  So at least now we have a clean bathroom!

Here are some pics of Cooper hangin' at the park:

Jeff has tweaked his back - so now we're both hobbled.  We did some stretching/light yoga, which I'm hoping will help him since it usually helps me.  But he is way more muscle bound and incredibly tight despite the back pain, so I'm not sure the stretching offered him much relief.  But Cooper was very happy that he was laying on the floor:

Here are a couple belly shots - it's just so round!

Today I got out my sewing machine (on the dining room table - I guess it worked) to work on a couple projects.  One is still in progress; I decided why buy a nursing cover when I can make one!  I need some boning or something to make the "hoop" part.

I also have been wanting to make a little onesie for months that has a fake tie sewn on.  I've seen them on Etsy and think they are just hilarious.  It dawned on me that if we're going to Jeff's cousin's wedding in May, our little guy needs some "dressy" duds.  So this was a perfect excuse.  I even discovered a plain white onesie in the clothes bins and used a scrap of fabric to make the tie.  Jeff thinks it's awesome....I do too...

Lastly, I made what is known as a pillow dress, which can be made with an actual pillowcase, for a friend's baby.  I hope it fits because I was kind of winging it with the size.  There are a couple small flaws where things didn't QUITE line up, but all in all, I love it.  I even made sure all the seams on the inside were finished so there should be no fraying.

And it's only 5pm!  I think we have a Netflix to watch, assuming Jeff doesn't want to keep watching basketball (our NCAA champ just got smoked by the underdog, so we're done), and of course I still have dinner to make (sausage and lentil soup), but I'll say it's been a very productive day!


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