Having my cake and eating it too

I think I've posted before about my conflicted body issues.  I definitely have a fear of being fat.  I'm not obsessive to the point of starving myself or over-exercising.  In fact, I could step it up in the fitness department!  But Jeff pointed out that our meals are awfully healthy.  Sure, I indulge in a sweet treat now and then (and in my mind, it's all too frequent, but maybe in reality, it's not), but he pointed out that our "junk" meal is turkey tacos.  Ha!  He's right!  We eat really healthy meals, with pretty small serving sizes.  I also exercise when I can fit it into my schedule (which most weeks is 4-5x a week).

Considering our healthy lifestyle, my breastfeeding Graham, and the fact that I've had every illness to come through campus this winter (including my most recent bout of the stomach flu) as well as a colonscopy, I've lost a lot of weight.  And for some strange reason, it's come off of my butt.  So now none of my pants fit.  They are so saggy and in some cases actually come off without unbuttoning.  Yesterday I literally had to cinch in my pants and hold them together with a safety pin, and then wear a long shirt to cover it up.

I'm feeling conflicted now.  I am proud of myself for losing all my baby weight and then some.  But I can't afford all new pants.  What to do?  Try to actually GAIN weight or just suck it up and deal with saggy butt pants.  I'm a lucky new mom, I know, but I look kind of like a slob with my sad sack pants.


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