Meat and Potatoes

This is being posted a couple weeks after the fact!

Apparently it's that kind of day.  Which is fine by me!  Jeff's cousin Brian came to visit with his wife, Nikki, and kids, Blake and Alyssa.  I made lunch and instead of the typical cold cuts, I made chicken nuggets and french fries - the healthy version!  I used this recipe for the nuggets (more or less, all homemade breadcrumbs seasoned with a little oregano and parsley): they were delicious!  I did my stand by roasted potatoes (coated in olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, roasted on high heat about 40 minutes until browned), only instead of chunks, I cut the potatoes in strips like fries.  Add some spring greens salad mix and sliced apples, and it was a lunch that kids and adults all liked!  For dessert: molasses spice cookies, which Jeff has informed me are the best cookies I've ever made.

I had originally intended to make sweet potato fries too, and had peeled a sweet potato.  But the amount of regular fries I cut up was more than sufficient.  So needing to use the peeled sweet potato, I made grilled pork chops, roasted broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes for dinner.  It was delicious!

Graham had fun playing with his cousins.  :)


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