Reorganizing Cupboards

In my constant quest for having the most functional and organized house possible, today I got a bug up my butt and decided I needed to reorganize some of my kitchen cupboards.  I moved around some stuff in the bottom cupboards once Graham started getting mobile.  Our island is on lock-down because it contains many appliances and things that have moving (and sharp) pieces (and a random bag of potatoes).

I've been trying to think about functionality in relation to space.  This cupboard has always been for groceries, but had gotten pretty messy.  I found some dried peppers that had gone totally brown way up on the top shelf, which freed up some space.  My goal down the road is to have all of my spaces in one location.  When I first got that spice rack years ago, it was sufficient, but clearly my spice repertoire has expanded.  I'm pondering a magnetic spice rack.  Anyone have one?

This is Graham's favorite cupboard in the kitchen (that he can access).  Pots and pans are LOUD, and fun to  push around the kitchen!

This has always been my baking cupboard, which used to contain tupperware.  I moved that to make room for a hot beverages shelf: all coffee, tea, hot cocoa, mugs and travel mugs all in one place!

I contemplated moving the tupperware down here with the other plastics, but truth be told, I don't want to clean up tons a of tupperware that will inevitably end up all over the kitchen floor.  Oddly enough, Graham doesn't play in this cupboard very much.

After moving out the coffee mugs and doing a little rearranging, I was able to make room for the tupperware in this cupboard.  I still don't love all the random stuff on the top shelf, but I suppose it has to go somewhere.

I would like some new flour/sugar canisters that take up less space, but still hold a whole bag of flour/sugar.  Like these or these.  In fact, I'd kind of like all of my cupboards to look like this.

I also would like the lunch bags to have a home.  I suppose the counter works because we use them all the time.

What this all tells me is that I have a lot of kitchen stuff and wherever we live next must have ample storage space.


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