Boy's Best Friend

Graham loves Cooper.  He laughs at him, he chases him, he tries to hug him, he gives him his bone, he "lovingly" pulls on his lips and ears.  Cooper is less than enamored of Graham.  But he's a really good dog and has never snapped at or tried to bite Graham when he's had enough.  Usually he grunts and moves somewhere safer.  We were gone over the weekend and when we got to my parents' house to pick up Cooper, Graham was SO happy to see him; he kept trying to hug him and he was making the funniest noises.  Here are some photos of my silly boys:

Graham apparently loves other animals too.  Dogs, of course.  In fact, he met one of our neighbor's new rescued sheltie - they took a liking to each other which was very sweet.  He was also very interested in Marsha and Harold's cat.  We even got to see him around horses!  Marsha and Harold's neighbor has 3 horses; Graham was a bit more hesitant around the horses, but still pretty interested.


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