Dinners: Week of May 13th

Since Graham's birthday party was on the 13th and I was so focused on planning for that, I didn't plan the menu ahead of time for the week.  But I managed to come up with a few healthy (and largely vegetarian, as Jeff pointed out) meals for the week:

  • Sunday: Turkey burgers and potato salad (after snacks and cupcakes during Graham's party)
  • Monday: sandwiches from Founders.  
I had a long day and couldn't face dinner on Monday.  Though I did chop all the veggies for the subsequent dinners after Graham when to bed on Monday night.
  • Tuesday: Asparagus and feta frittata and leftover potato salad
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti and homemade sauce (made from the leftover tomatoes from G's party), spinach salad
  • Thursday: Tilapia and roasted broccoli
  • Friday: Carrot and white bean soup with swiss chard


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