First Birthday Party

This post is belated on 2 accounts: 1)We had his birthday party a month after his birthday and 2)it's now almost 2 weeks after the party.  Oh well!

I scheduled his party for Mother's Day.  Why?  Because I just have that kind of luck these days.  Or rather, my ability to successfully plan something without conflict seems to have disappeared.  I decided that rather than try to reschedule (and add further delay to celebrating our milestone), I'd just send out invites and know that at the very least, we'd celebrate with the grandparents.  That's a pretty good celebration, in my book!  As it turned out, we had several well wishers present: both sets of grandparents, Uncle Tom and Aunt Pam (whom mom hadn't seen in 10 years!), Aunt Arliss and Uncle John, the Fowle Family and the Yanchos.  It was quite nice, and I was very appreciative of everyone's generosity with their time and their awesome presents.

My mom helped me prepare some food: Mediterranean seven layer dip, white bean dip, crackers, cheese, chips, salsa, and fruit.  I made cupcakes: chocolate porter cake with coffee icing and yellow cake with lemon icing.  The grandparents stayed for dinner of turkey burgers and potato salad courtesy of my mom (which Jeff said is the best potato salad he's ever had).

G's cupcake with extra frosting

Making faces at Grandpa Harold

G loves playing ball

I love his little plaid shorts!

Playing with Grandma Marsha

On the move!

Posing for a photo - for once

Happy Birthday to Graham!

What is that?! this food?

Here's a video of the cupcake eating.  For a kid who normally shoves food in his face, he was remarkably restrained in his cupcake consumption.

All sugared up and riding on his scooter

Fun presents.  They almost all made noise and require batteries.

Oh yeah - Cooper was there too.  He pretty much did this all day.

Dinner time.

My mother's day presents, from mom, Jeff and Marsha.


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