Playing in the sprinkler

On this hot Memorial Day weekend, Graham got to play in the hose and sprinkler for the first time!  We didn't get the very first time with the hose on video because Jeff and I were in Ann Arbor while Graham was with Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Harold.  The next day, we got suited up, and gave the sprinkler a try.

He wasn't thrilled with the sprinkler because it kept getting him in the face.  But once I picked him up he felt a little better and wanted to splash.

Once he tired of the sprinkler, we decided to just play in the hose a bit.  It was a little cold, but a hug from dad made it all better.

The water was still a little cold to swim in the pool (well, not too cold for Jeff and Harold), but we got to dip our toes in and play around in the pool house.


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