Chelsea Treehouse (and a long overdue date night)

Last weekend, the boys and I headed out to Stockbridge for what was originally supposed to be a weekend spent by the pool and visiting with Aunt Erin.  Well, mother nature had other plans.  Rain cooled things off significantly, as well as caused Erin's flight to be cancelled.  But we made the best of our weekend.

Jeff and I decided we finally needed to use the gift card to Pacific Rim that Erin got us for Christmas.  Since it was so rainy, we opted for a movie before dinner rather than wandering in Ann Arbor.  Marsha has a habit of not using gift cards, so she had several to movie theaters with plenty of money on them to get our movie tickets and popcorn.  We saw The Campaign, which was expectedly silly, but entertaining.  Then we met Jeff's cousin, Brad, for beers at Arbor Brewing.  Then dinner - which was totally delicious (We each got a fancy beverage.  Then spring rolls with yummy sweet/spicy dipping sauce.  Jeff had the Korean Rib Eye and I had the Scallops.  We of course had to split the chocolate cake for dessert, plus some vanilla and chocolate espresso ice cream made in house).  The whole date cost us $20 thanks to our gift cards!

The following day we were hoping for a break in the rain so we could take Graham to the park, but no such luck.  Thankfully Marsha remembered that Chelsea has an indoor playground called the TreeHouse.  At $6.50 a kid and free for adults, it was a bargain.  They also had a decent little cafe, with food appealing for kids and grown-ups, though we ate somewhere else.  The place was fairly busy given the rain, and it's a popular destination for birthday parties.  Graham had a great time!  He played mostly in the toddler area, venturing over the big kids side, but not really understanding/liking all of the big kid apparatuses.  He also had fun rearranging the furniture in the seating area - crazy kid.  The little slide was his favorite!  It was definitely a place worth going, and I'm sure we'll be back again.


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