Dinners: Week of August 12

Thanks to Marsha for giving us some food to take home after the weekend at their house.  We had fewer people than expected, so we got to reap the benefits of meat and fish from Whole Foods.  We also bought a few things from Trader Joes - I wish we had Trader Joes out here on the west side.  Their nuts, coffee and snacky stuff is good and cheap!
  • Grilled Halibut, roasted sweet potatoes and salad
  • Ultimate Turkey Burgers, chips and watermelon
  • Chicken and green bean stirfry
  • Carrot and Bean soup with kale and a salad
I'm gone on Thursday night - a quick trip to Denver (seriously - fly out Thursday morning, evening fair, fly home Friday morning), so Jeff and Graham are on their own.  On Friday evening, we're going to a potluck at Graham's school!  Unfortunately Graham's BFF won't be there, which is too bad because his mom seems really nice.  But maybe we'll meet some other parents.  I plan to bring a black bean salad - and if I'm feeling up to it, I'll bake, too.


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