Grand Rapids Public Museum

Earlier this spring, I bought a Groupon for the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  Next thing I knew, it was August and all but one of our weekends was booked (on yeah, and the museum was closed on Sundays), and my Groupon was expiring on September 1.  We managed to get something scheduled for this Saturday with my parents, and it was great!  We went at opening, so it was quieter in the museum and Graham was full of energy.  There was a ton to see, read and do, most of which I only half looked at, as I was busy following Graham around and keeping him from climbing on the displays.  By the time we got to the 3rd floor, he was pretty well spent, so it was off to Founders for lunch.

Graham has recently become very interested in cars.  And climbing.  He naturally wanted to give this a spin.

 There was a games exhibit, which was a little lacking.  But the big chess set was pretty fun.

 I love this.  A boy and his dad.  They are such good buddies (which makes me feel good as I'm about to leave on travel season).
Look at the size of this horse!

Seriously, mom?  Another picture?  Can't I just rest for a minute?

Some family skiball.  Graham was a natural.

Graham was watching some other kids get their pictures taken.  We tried to get him to leave and he threw a huge fit - apparently he wanted his picture taken, too!  He really got into it.

GrandDoug thought this would be funny - upside down spaceman!

Grandma Pat thought butt face spaceman was even funnier.  We're teaching him some wonderful lessons.  

My mom managed to get a shot of the three of us....

...before this happened.

I'm bummed these shots are blurry - dim light and no flash.  But he has such a cute smile!

Checking out the river - what a beautiful day!

Another car!  This one moved and he loved it!

First time on the carousel.  We decided to ride a stationary animal.  He did great and waved at GrandDoug as we went by.

But then he started getting fussy.  We decided to move him to a horse that went up and down, and he held on like a pro.

 I would totally go again - it's fun for kids and adults alike!


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