Developing Skills

My kid still doesn't really talk.  And while I'm a little concerned, I like to pretend that it's all ok because he's just so advanced with his motor skill development.  Ok, maybe he's not THAT advanced, but I like to think he's ahead of the curve.  At 16 months old, he:

  • Runs.  Everywhere.  All the time.  In circles.  Running, running, running...
  • Walks backwards.
  • Marches.
  • Is trying to jump (but can't quite get his feet both off the ground).
  • Throws things....far and high (like up on the counter).
  • Can reach the doorknob and walk backwards to close the doors.  (He's not far from being able to open the doors.)
  • Can use his toy wrench to turn a toy screw.
  • Stacks things.  Puts lids on things.  Takes things apart.
  • Is getting pretty good at walking up and down stairs.  He can do small steps with relative ease.  The normal size stairs are still a bit much without mom standing by to make sure he doesn't totally launch himself down the stairwell.
  • Uses a spoon.  Well - mostly.  He takes a couple bites with a spoon (left-handed, I might add), then a few scoops with his fingers.  Is working on using a fork (which he loves - especially if it's a grown up fork).   I think it's really cute, so I took a short video.

He's also lately become obsessed with his belly, and my belly - in particular with our belly buttons.  I still can't get him to point out other body parts, but we're getting there.  He loves books.  And just recently he's become quite fascinated with trucks and cars.  At daycare, he's apparently the escape artist.  He keeps a watchful eye on the baby gate, and makes a break any time it's opened.  Have I mentioned he runs fast when he's on a mission?  He's a funny little dude, and it's been great watching his little (big) personality emerge.


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