Christmas Cookies part 2

For anyone who is interested, I use the Fourteen-in-One sugar cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking cookbook.  This is the same recipe I use for chocolate cinnamon cookies, which always meet with rave review.  I add orange zest and a little cardamom to my sugar cookies and they are delicious!  This year I also made Pecan Squares , brownies with a white chocolate/peppermint icing (from an old recipe I have on a card stock plus an improvised icing), and my mom made her Chocolate Haystacks (also a recipe that's been around for years).

My mom had some cookies to bake up and Graham had a great time playing with the dough.  

Then Graham got a little silly.

It's become a bit of a holiday tradition to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Since we're driving to Stockbridge this evening, I decided it would be easier to make cinnamon bread.  As I was making it, I commented to my mom that this may be the first time I've ever made bread.  Which isn't entirely true.  I've made bread with her growing up and I've made countless pizza doughs.  But the first time I've made a loaf of bread on my own.  
Second rise: all rolled up with cinnamon and sugar inside
All baked to golden perfection


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