Dinners: week of December 16

I feel kind of like super woman today. I cleaned up barf without gagging (but I am so ready for G's virus to be over), I kept my cool when Graham threw a monster fit when I took the iPad away rom him, I took the little man shopping and out to lunch (although he refused Wendy's chicken nuggets, which also didn't get me riled up), I took the boys for a walk, I read books and during Graham's nap, I prepped all the veggies for meals this week AND baked chocolate zucchini bread. Oh yeah, and I vaccuumed, did dishes and somehow managed a shower. If I worked out I would be damn near untouchable, but I just can't do it all and I'm feeling ok with that today ( even though today would be a great day for a run).

Here's what we're eating this week (which i totally pulled out of my ass as opposed to agonizing over it for an hour plus as per usual):

  • Turkey burgers and roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Beef stew in the crockpot
  • Spaghetti with turkey and spinach (which is left over from the hand pies I made yesterday)
  • Pork chili in the crock pot
  • Bell pepper frittata


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