Dinners: Week of February 14, 2016

I'm a few days late getting these shared because I got a nasty case of the flu this weekend. Ugh. Emmett was sick Thursday and I kept him home Friday. Since he was feeling better we went to Meijer Friday.  Thank goodness. I wasn't feeling awesome Friday and by Friday evening I was super sick. 

Sunday I was feeling ok and I managed to do some meal prep - even though I had to sit at the table to get it done because I still wasn't up for standing for very long.  

Here's the menu this week:
  • crockpot veggie and lentil soup 
  • Black bean huevos rancheros
  • crockpot beef and farro stew
  • Chicken and green bean stifry over quinoa
  • Chicken sausage and asparagus
We have several evening commitments, so these crockpot meals are great for staggered meal times and they make a lot of leftovers! They are all heavy on the protein and veggies (with the exception of the heuvos rancheros which required a side salad), so they fit into a 21 Day Fix meal plan.


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