Weeknight Meal Planning

I just recently saw this article about how to save time in the kitchen in an email. The author offers 11 steps that will make weeknight cooking easier and I do pretty much all of them! The few that really stood out to me were:

  • Prepare a weekly meal plan. Over the past few years I've taken to meal planning each week so that I can ensure we're eating healthy meals as well as buy groceries that I will actually use during the week and not be wasteful. I'm not always good about sharing my meal plans online but I've made one almost every week since probably 2013.  
  • Keep your grocery list updated. We have a list that lives on our fridge and anytime we run out of something, we add it to the list. 
  • Prep in advance for meals and lunches.  I try to chop all veggies, etc. on the weekend and package them by meals for the week. Jeff and I also prep our smoothies the night before so that in the morning we only have to add Shakeology.
  • Double 1 recipe each week and freeze.  Sometimes I do exactly this. And almost always I made enough for dinner for Jeff and I plus 1 or 2 lunches for me. I'm a big fan of leftovers for lunch, but I have access to a fridge and microwave at work.  

While I'm not sure I offer much in the way of new concepts regarding meal planning on this blog, my goal is to share articles about simplification and efficiency, and to share some of the things that I find work for me in my busy life.

As a Beachbody Coach, one of the tenets of the company that certainly resonates with me is that good health comes from a combination of diet and fitness. Diet meaning whole foods and complete nutrition and not diet meaning temporary food restrictions. And part of being a Beachbody Coach is sharing your own passion and journey to support, motivate, and encourage others.

My team is running another round of the 21 Day Fix starting February 22.  I will be running a Healthy Weeknight Meals Facebook Group in conjunction with this program. Even if you choose not to do the 21 Day Fix, you are welcome to the free Healthy Weeknight Meals group and maybe you will be inspired to join in with the exercise during a subsequent round of 21 Day Fix or other Beachbody program.


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