Dinners: week of February 7, 2016

Starting week 3 of the 21 Day Fix. I caved a few times this week because I am a social eater and we had a 2-day counselor event at work. Plus I'm burning the candle at both ends and doing some double workouts and I am hungry some days!

But this week we are back on track. Tomorrow we are having my parents over for the Super Bowl. We've taken to making foods that represent at least one of the teams who are playing. Tomorrow we are featuring barbecue in honor of Carolina. 

In adding a few "new" foods to our menu this week: tofu and cauliflower. I need some more non-meat proteins. In reading the vegan 21 day fix meal plan, beans and legume count as protein even though they aren't as complete as animal protein and are counted as carbs in the regular meal plan. Made me feel better than I can go back to using meat alternatives in my meals!

Here's what we're having:

  • -barbecue pork (slow cooker), sweet potato fries (homemade of course), Asian broccoli slaw
  • -roasted salmon and cauliflower
  • -slow cooker turkey marinara over oodles
  • -cauliflower fried rice with tofu
  • -teriyaki turkey meatballs and broccoli


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