Prepping Chicken Breast

Meat is expensive. Especially lean healthy meat. So pay attention to when meat goes on sale; at my grocery store the family packs of meat tend to be the ones that go on sale. Buying bulk is usually the most economical anyways.

But that is way too much chicken to eat in one meal, both in terms of the size of each individual chicken breast and the overall quantity in the pack. So I've devised this system for prepping and packaging my chicken in quantities and sizes that fit with our eating needs.

Look how big! A serving size of chicken is actually the size of inside your palm.

1. "Butterfly" the chicken breast.
  • In addition to being long, chicken breasts are thick.
  • Flip it over and you'll notice you can almost open it up. 
  • That's the part you'll want to cut off.

2. Trim the bottom of the chicken breast.

  • Once you've butterflied and stacked all those pieces to the side, trim the end.
  • Look - now it's actually palm-sized!

3. Chop the butterflied pieces and bag.

  • Chop up all of those strips of chicken left from butterfly-ing.
  • Put the chopped chicken in serving size bags to use for soups and stir fries.
  • Put chicken breasts in serving size bags.

Even though there are 4 people in my family, only us grownups eat chicken. So I pack my bags based on 2 person serving size.

My family pack of chicken yields 5-6 dinners, or lately 3 dinners plus enough chicken for Jeff to have for 4-5 lunches.


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