Finding the time

I am definitely guilty of saying, "I just don't have time for that." This statement is true some times but mostly it's just an excuse we give ourselves because we don't want to do something, or are afraid, or just don't realize that we do have the time if we reshoot our priorities.

Whether it's finding time to exercise, or work on a project, or go out with friends, where there's a will, there's a way. I don't waste much time these days. I wake up at 5, work out, get myself and my boys ready to leave by 7, drive 40 miles to work, work until 5, commute home, make dinner, play with boys, boys down by 8:30, pack lunches and general prep for the next day, then work. Sometimes I'm working on my day job stuff, sometimes on my professional org commitments, and most recently it's been on my Beachbody coaching. Bed by 10:30 ish, read, and then lights out. Usually 1 or more middle of the night waking by one or both boys. 

I fill my time. And yet I still find ways to squeeze in other things as the occasion arises. Stop watching TV, get up 30 minutes earlier, find ways to multitask. If you want to find the time, you will.


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