Broken Camera :(

Well, my new, expensive camera is not functioning properly.  The buttons won't work!!  It will turn on.  It will take pictures.  It will let you see the pictures.  But it won't zoom.  And none of the other buttons will respond to pushing them.  I called technical support after scouring the owner's manual to no avail, and sadly I will have to send it to the factory repair.  Hopefully it should still be under warranty - well, it is still under warranty but hopefully this issue is covered.  I would think so.  I mean, the camera is 4 months old!

So sadly, I won't be taking/posting Graham pictures for a couple weeks.  Sigh.


  1. Use your old camera!!! We NEED Graham pictures! :)

  2. The old camera has been sold. I'll just have to rely on my phone...


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