A trip to Holland and Grand Haven

Yesterday Jeff, Graham and I headed to Holland to wander around.  It was a lovely day out - good thing because silly us forgot to put the stroller in Jeff's car so I had Graham in the Moby (which he really likes).  There are some really cute stores in Holland (I especially like this store, but can't afford anything in there), and a nice farmer's market.  After we'd seen what we needed to see, we decided to head up the Lake Shore to Grand Haven to visit Odd Side Ales.  There was an art fair in Grand Haven, but we didn't see much of it.  Graham screamed almost the whole way to Grand Haven (he woke up from his nap very hungry apparently) and then fell asleep at Odd Side (which is a good brewery that we will review on our beer blog eventually).  We decided to not risk another unhappy ride, so we left when he fell asleep.  Look at my cute boys:


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