Eat, Activity, Sleep - Day 4

Well, last night wasn't so bad - even though Graham slept all day!  He was up for a couple hours in the evening and then we put him down with pretty minimal fuss (and after a bath) at 8:30.  At 10 we tried to get him up to feed him and he just wasn't interested.  We put him back down for another 30 minutes.  At 10:30 we got him up, fed him, changed the diaper and then back down - he didn't even cry!!!  I was hopeful he'd then sleep through the night, but he woke up around 3:45.  I let him fuss for about 15 minutes until it became abundantly clear he wasn't going back to sleep.  So I fed him and then put him right back down - literally 2 minutes of crying and he was out until 7:30!

Today we've been pretty good with the routine, with the exception of our 3:00 nap.  We went to look at a dresser (I'm going to redo my bedroom) - he fell asleep in the car as we were expecting, but when we got home (sans dresser - it wasn't good), Cooper in his excitement woke him up.  He spent the next 30 minutes extremely unhappy about being in his pack n' play, and at this point it was nearing feeding time.  So we let him skip this nap and have a slightly earlier feeding.  Well, now he's back down with minimal fuss and we'll be back on schedule soon enough - and may even get dinner in before he wakes up!

It's a little sad that he's sleeping in the evening now, but at the same time, he was fussing in the evening before, which was NOT fun at all.  At least now when he's awake, he's pretty happy!  We're about to enter the next phase, according to Babywise at which point we stretch out times between feedings and gradually get him to go to bed earlier.  But we still have to get him consistently sleeping through the night...

All in all, I'm feeling happy/confident with this new system.  I promise I won't blog about it everyday, but it seems like these first few days are so crucial, and he's adjusting quite well.


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