Eat, Activity, Sleep - Day 3

Last night was pretty darn good!  We let him stay awake a little longer than we should have so when we put him down at 9, he cried about 15 minutes.  I went down and he had unswaddled himself.  I reswaddled and put him back down.  Then he slept about 15-20 minutes.  Then a lot more crying.  At this point I allowed for the flexibility of feeding him again even though he hadn't slept had been about 2.5 hours.  After I fed him, I put him down at about 10:30 and he was out!  I heard him fuss around 3 am but ignored him and next thing I knew it was 5:30am!  Hooray!  7 hours of sleep!!

Today, unfortunately, has been a little off the routine because after his first round of Eat, Activity, Sleep, we then went to Frankenmuth to go to the outlet mall and to some breweries.  It was timed well so that in theory he would eat at the outlet and then be awake.  Well, he ate, and then fell asleep.  And pretty much slept all afternoon.  He was awake a little after his 3 pm feeding, then more sleeping on the 2 hour car ride home.  So now we're home, he's eaten and is now awake.  I'm really really hoping he'll sleep tonight since he slept all day today.  I think because its hot out, he's very drowsy, but I'm still a little nervous...

Fingers crossed!


  1. I'm finding that tough too. I'm on the opposite end though. Pippa will eat, then play then sleep for a little bit. Then she wakes up and isn't hungry so we play more until she eats. Her naps are getting pretty short (sometimes only 20-30 minutes). Not sure if that's good or if she should be sleeping more. I feel like my "me" time is quickly dwindling though and it doesn't help her to sleep any longer at night. I'm still getting 6-7 hours but SO tired during the day. I'm sure you can relate. Keep up the great work!


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