Graham's first tailgate

Yesterday was the kickoff to the 2011 football season (a day to which Jeff counts down starting approximately in March each year).  It's quite a tradition (read: compulsion) in Jeff's family and each game is celebrated by a tailgate which starts early in the morning.  There's food, family, lots of analysis of the team, bean bags, washers, tip up....and no good reason not to include Graham in the festivities.  Neither of us is interested in having a baby/toddler at a football game.  They're long, crowded and Jeff can really only focus on what's going on down on the field.  And frankly I just don't care enough about the games that I feel the need to keep going now that we have G.  Especially with the traveling I do in the fall - I just miss him so terribly much that I don't want to give up my weekends with him as well.

But we did go to the tailgate.  It was hot.  Really hot.  Which is yet another reason I was glad not to be going to the game.  At least we have shade at the tailgate.  I opted to go see Aunt Char and Uncle Taylor during game time since they hadn't met Graham yet.  G was a trooper, but it was a LONG day and he barely napped.  Thankfully he fell asleep on the way home, woke up at home to get a bath and then went back down with no fuss last night.  I think the next tailgate will be for a noon game.

Oh yeah, Cooper came along too and was a good hound.

M Go Hound

Clearly someone is doing something funny

Jeff can't resist passing the ball to his little dude

Uh oh - G seems all too interested in the football. 

Look Aunt Char - I can get my fist in my mouth

Aunt Char is so funny!
I FINALLY got a video with Graham laughing.


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