It's bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Tonight we fed Graham solid food number 2: bananas.  He really liked them.  Of course in these pictures you can't really tell that, but he was opening wide for every spoonful!  I guess he takes after his mom: I love bananas.  Then again, bananas are the most popular fruit in the US, above apples and oranges.  And apparently there is a good chance the bananas we know and love will be extinct within 30 years.  But I digress.  Graham was all about bananas tonight - here's how it went down:


On another note - please notice the amount of hair that has grown on Graham's head between Monday and Friday.  Ridiculous!  It's so much thicker.  And it's quite dark.  He's going to be tall dark and handsome like his dad, I just know it.  :)

And I'll leave you with this video:


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