Meeting Natalie

My dear friend Jess just had baby number 2 last week.  Natalie Florence Fowle was born on 9/20, only a week early (her son Nathan was almost a month early).  Of course she was born while I was in Saint Louis (just like Graham was born when she was in Minneapolis).  And then I was struck with a stupid cold so I couldn't go meet her on Friday when I was back in town.  So this Monday I snuck out of work a little early (on my way to take G to the doctor because of his first cold) and got to meet Natalie!!!

She is so cute and little!!!  She really looks like Jess and has such distinct little features for such a tiny baby!  I think she looks like a little doll.  Jess is doing wonderfully and just looks amazing.  Nathan was napping when I got there, but hopefully at the next visit I will get to see the big brother.  It's pretty awesome to have such a good friend have a baby who is so close to Graham's age....Jess has already been such a source of advice and wisdom as I've embarked upon this motherhood adventure and I look forward to sharing more with her as our babies grow up together.


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