Running with a baby?

I hadn't intended to be one of those moms who runs with baby in tow.  Although maybe I should have.  Those moms always kicked my ass even before I was pregnant or a mom (seriously, it's a sad commentary when moms with jogging strollers pass you on the street).  But I'm realizing the value in having such a vehicle, as is the case today.  It's GORGEOUS outside - a cool, breezy "fall" day.  And Jeff is working.  And I want to run.  And my stroller is just not that good.  Being the responsible mom that I am, I realize that Graham can not be left alone even though he's sleeping contently (for now) in his crib and that Cooper, though he's like 38 in dog years, is just not a suitable a babysitter.  So what do I do instead?  Blog about it.  You know, instead of just exercising with Jillian Michaels on OnDemand.  I'm rationalizing that I'm still too full from my oatmeal.  And also kind of protesting that I can't be outside running.

Perhaps G baby and I will go for a brisk walk when he wakes up.  If we don't take Cooper, it will actually be brisk.  Wait, what?  Isn't Cooper a speedy basset?  Cooper WAS a speedy basset.  G was born and Cooper put on the brakes.  I don't know if its some sort of silent protest or what, but the fastest basset in all the land is now just your run of the mill lazy chubby hound who has decided that walking at a normal pace is overrated.  I wish he would decide that barking at all the dogs in the neighborhood is also overrated, but some things will never change.


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