15 month well-baby appointment

We continue to have a big, healthy boy, as was confirmed by our recent well-baby (or well-toddler, as is now the case) appointment.  Graham had fun climbing in the chairs in the waiting room, banging on the glass partition, and playing with the wheeled stool in the exam room. He continues to meet and/or exceed almost all developmental milestones:
  • stands alone: um - CHECK
  • walks: CHECK and add to that runs, spins, walks backwards and walks up small stairs unassisted
  • eats with a spoon: check - ish.  He CAN eat with a spoon (left-handed, by the way) but he prefers just using his hand
  • climbs furniture: check.  He just started doing this.
  • stacks one thing on top of another: check.
  • babbles: check
  • says 4 words: um, define "words."  This is the one area he's where he's lagged behind.  He's signing "more" (which is synonymous with either "want" or "eat"), "eat/drink," "all done" and shaking his head "no."  He's also doing some sort of sign where he pats his chest.  I think it's "please" which he also uses interchangeably with "want" or "outside."  He also says "dah" for Dad, "duh" for dog (he LOVES dogs), "mama," "mo" for more, "muh" for milk, and "bah" for ball.  So I guess that's four, isn't it?
Here's an interesting chart from babycenter about milestones.  He's all over the map: he's achieved everything he's supposed to achieve with the exception of pointing to body parts (I just can't get him to do this), but some things he's been doing for months, like throwing balls overhand and throwing tantrums when frustrated.   

He's still very big, but not AS big.
  • Weight: 27.5lbs (84th percentile)
  • Height: 32.25 inches (82nd percentile)
  • Head: I think she said 40cm - either way, she said it's 75th percentile, which is an increase finally.
I'll leave you with these pictures of Graham (and his big belly) in all his glory:


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