Graham at the Lake

We FINALLY made it to Lake Michigan.  We didn't go at all last summer, which in retrospect would have probably have been easier.  But probably less fun.  It was an overcast, but still warm morning, but the water was cool and Graham was skeptical.  He didn't really want to touch the water and wanted to be very close to mama, daddy and Grandma Pat.

He quickly realized that the sand was fun - which I figured he would since he plays in the sandbox at daycare.  Graham and mommy played in the sand (which got EVERYWHERE), while daddy swam in the lake and Grandma Pat assumed the role of official photographer.

We packed a lunch for Graham (but not for the grown ups - what was I thinking?) and after lunch, the sun came out.  Graham decided that now was the time to venture into the water, even though we were getting hungry and ready to head home.  Now that we know he likes the water, we'll have to find another time before summer's end to head out there, hopefully with my dad, too.  Sadly, my camera battery died before Graham decided he wanted to go in the water, but thankfully Jeff's iPhone takes quality pictures and video!


  1. G is so cute! I'm glad he ended up enjoying the lake. PS: your family is so beautiful!! :)


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