Fish out of water? Not so much.

It's sort of an annual tradition to spend the 4th at Marsha and Harold's house....or rather, at the pool!  Last year, Graham was just a little guy (well, he was HUGE compared to other 2.5 month olds, but wasn't terribly mobile and willing to give the pool a try).  This year, Graham was very interested in the concept of the pool, but was NOT a fan of swimming.  This saddened and surprised us.  But we've surmised that the combination of Graham not liking being held, wanting to be on the move, and not knowing how to swim made the pool a less than desirable place to be.

He had a blast playing in the house, and in the baby pool, as well as throwing things int he big pool for mommy, daddy and Grandpa to fetch.  He like playing with the pool skimmer until he tripped over it and fell into the pool.  Holy crap, was that scary!!  More for me than him.  Thankfully I was standing right there and launched myself to the pool's edged, grabbed his arm and yanked him out.

Graham also decided it was super fun to play with, and wear briefly, his baseball cap.  (On a related note, he apparently has a favorite hat at daycare, which he actually wears.  It looks like this, only replace the frog with a flower.)

He eventually decided he'd give the pool a try.  But it took some antics with dad to get him interested.  Oh yeah, and some snuggles from Grandma.

I'll leave you with this: pictures/videos of my (usually) good eater.  He was rockin' and rollin', waving his hands in the air and bopping before I started the video.  Then of course, he stopped.  But I did capture him saying Dad for the first time, so that's cool.


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