Here's hoping...

Tomorrow I go to the reproductive endocrinologist and he will be performing an intrauterine insemination. Seems that both Jeff and I have some fertility issues that pretty much assure that our chances to conceive the old fashioned way are slim to none. Sigh. You know, when we started this adventure, I had a hunch it would take a while. But I really didn't realize that it would be such a challenge.

I've done 6 rounds of Clomid, with this last month being at 100 mg. Turns out that with Jeff's fertility issues, the 5 previous rounds were moot. I guess I understand why the doctors make the assumption first that the issue is with the woman, but still. Statistically, half of the fertility problems are the man's fault. So, I don't understand why testing the man isn't one of the first checks. I'm put on drugs that turn me into a crazy person, but Jeff has to do nothing. Somehow that doesn't seem fair.

So, in preparation for this procedure, as I mentioned, my dosage of Clomid was increased. Which has TOTALLY turned me into a looney. I guess Jeff's cross to bear is having to put up with me (case in point, crying myself to sleep on Friday night). I went for an ultrasound on Friday to make sure I had follicles that could produce egg(s) - thankfully I do. On Saturday night I had to give myself an injection of what they call a "super-ovulatory" medication. Basically another surge of hormones that forces me to ovulate within 40 hours. I was very nervous about giving myself a shot, but I did it. And it wasn't that bad!

I'm also on Estrace, which is an estrogen pill that is usually used as hormone therapy for menopausal woman. I have some concern because it says "do not take if pregnant or planning to become pregnant." Ummmm...hello....why would you give a pill that says the exact thing I'm trying to do?? But I suppose it's ok? It's supposed to make my endrometriol lining thicker so that I have a nice hospital environment for potential implantation. If it really was cause for alarm, I assume they wouldn't have prescribed it...

And then tomorrow Jeff has to provide a sample (that's the clinical term :). Then they do some "washing," and some isolating of the good ones. Then at 10:30 I go in, and they stick the super-stars directly in my uterus. Then I lay there and hope for the best.

I'm really really anxious about this process, but am trying my best to not totally freak out. I mean, Friday I went a little nuts. But these last 2 days I've been keeping very busy, did an hour of yoga on Saturday and went for a run this morning. Tomorrow before I go I'm going to do yoga. I'm bringing my iPod with me to the appointment so that when I'm laying there after the procedure, I'll have music to keep me calm. Music helps me on planes (I'm not a fan of flying), so I think it work this time. I might do some prana yama as well.

And then we wait....


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