It was just a dream

Had a very frustrating dream last night. It was December 21st and I had to get my blood test. First off - in typical dream fashion - the place that I got my test was totally unrealistic. It was at a stand in a flea market. Crazy, I know. I had left work to get my test, and when I got back to work I found out one of my coworkers had told my boss that I was being a slacker and she had apparently been tracking every time I made a mistake (and not just me, was "monitoring" a lot of us). And I totally and utterly lost it and went crazy on her. So - yeah - that part of the dream was clearly just subconscious frustrations manifesting in some unrealistic fashion. Weird thing is, this person has been the antagonist in several of my dreams. I think it's because she drives me fucking crazy. She could never get me fired because I don't warrant getting fired. So, in reality I'm not concerned about that part of my dream. BUT - then at the end, I made her feel bad because I confessed that I had gotten word that yet again I wasn't pregnant. Take that, stupid passive-aggressive coworker.

So - I woke up feeling frustrated and a bit panicked that the "real" part of the dream might be a negative pregnancy test. I also had a raging headache. I really hope that this is just an obstacle dream and not a prophetic dream.


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