How do I love thee?

I have an awesome husband and as much as we both want a baby very badly, we love each other enough that we'd be ok if it was just us. However, I'm feeling very sad and guilty that we may not be able to give our parents grandchildren - it's made even harder knowing that we're likely the only hope for grandchildren for either family. Sigh.

Anyways - I'm grateful for my Jeff and here's why:
1. He likes it that I do artsy stuff even though he has no interest in it himself.
2. He actually wants me to come hang with him and the dudes.
3. He likes likes a clean house and even helps me keep it clean.
4. He doesn't criticize or judge me or my family.
5. He loves my cooking.
6. He's got a really cute face :)
7. We don't fight or bicker when working together on a project or in the kitchen or whenever.
8. We don't fight or bicker really ever.
9. He's incredibly loyal.
10. He makes me laugh.
11. He can set his chin on the top of my head.
12. He puts up with the random movies I put on netflix.
13. He doesn't try to be someone he's not.
14. He wants to look nice, but mostly just wants to be comfortable.
15. He loves me unconditionally.


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