It's all I can do

Yesterday I had my IUI, and I'm very proud of myself for staying relatively calm and for finding some optimism and humor about the process.

Jeff dropped off his specimen first thing in the morning (sorry - that part always make me laugh - especially the fact that you have to keep it warm which means keeping it in your pants). I got up, had breakfast, did some work for about an hour and a half. Then I did 45 minutes of yoga and really focused on my breathing. I showered and headed for the appointment.

While waiting in the room, I did some more breathing focusing on lengthening my exhales and got pretty calm. When the nurse walked in and asked how I was doing, I sort of breathily responded, fine. She said not to be nervous because the procedure was simple and not to painful. To which I responded that it wasn't the procedure itself I was nervous about but the result.

So, as expected, it felt much like a pap smear - just kind of uncomfortable. Afterwards, I was told to lay there for 15 minutes (she set a timer) and then I was free to go. They prop up your hips to help keep everything inside - I decided to do shoulderstand and bridge poses to really help the dudes move in the right direction. I also plugged in my iPod and listened to some Joshua Radin. I love his music. I made sure to listen to "Everything will be alright" twice.

And then I left. And I felt ok! I cranked up my tunes on the drive home and made sure to listen to music loudly all afternoon, which always makes me feel better. And I did feel better - certainly better than I did on Friday when I was TOTALLY freaked out.

I was told NOT to take a home pregnancy test, as the Ovidrel (injection) can give false positives. Rather, if I don't have my period by December 21, I will get a blood test. So now I wait. And try not to go totally insane.


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