Too busy to notice

It just dawned on me that yesterday was December 9, which marked the official one year anniversary of this whole trying to conceive journey. And I didn't even realize it!! I mean, I knew it was approaching, but I've been so wrapped up in work and trying to stay positive, that yesterday came and went without me making that connection. I've been saying for months that I was going to take the day off work and do something nice for myself, but I didn't. And frankly, I'm too busy and have a huge deadline that I can't take a whole day off. But, since today I'm working from home thanks to the "blizzard," I might take a little break and do something festive to lighten my mood. Like maybe wrap some presents!

I'm actually really proud of myself for not noticing - it means I'm doing a good job of being distracted. And I'm very surprisingly not upset, about either the day passing me by or the day in general. Go me!


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