30 week appointment

I'm now visiting the OB every 2 weeks, up until 35 weeks when it increases to once a week.  The weight is still fine (though I saw the biggest number I've ever seen on that scale and it was a little scary).  I measure at exactly 30 cm.  Apparently, up until about 35 weeks, you should measure the number of weeks you are.  So, 30 weeks pregnant, 30 cm.  But the OB said that for "tall" women (which is what she says I am), you can sometimes measure smaller because the baby has more room to spread out.  But, then she laughed and said, I'm right on track.  I asked her if she thought that the baby might be big and she said, he might be.

I'm supposed to really track the kicks now - setting aside 15 minutes 3 times a day and counting movement.  I've been avoiding this because a)I know he's moving and b)an assignment like this is bound to make me obsess.  But alas, I've been told I must.

I also have to find a pediatrician.  My family doctor (who I've actually only been to once) apparently does pediatrics and is actually my OB's family doctor.  That seems like a good sign to me.


  1. Funny, my midwife was never super concerned about the number of kicks, as long as they were regular. Try not to obsess too much! Oh and btw, you are the cutest pregnant lady EVER!!!!


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