3/4 of the way there

Today marks 30 weeks pregnant.  Holy crap!  That means I'm 3/4 of the way done with pregnancy and only have 10 weeks left.  In some ways 10 weeks seems like a long time.  And then I look at my calendar and my baby to-do list and it's really not long AT ALL!!!  We have quite a lot to still do - or rather - we still have a lot to GET.  Babies come with a laundry list of accessories and I'm hoping we get the important ones at my baby shower.  I know Jess mailed my shower invites today and since I've yet to see them myself, I can't wait to get mine in the mail!

Here's a sneak peak at a quilt I'm making for baby (well, I'm making it for me - Aunt Char is making the quilt for baby - but this is inspired by the baby):

Here are my 30 week belly shots (I've actually lost a little weight this week because I've been sick bringing my grand total to 18 pounds gained, but my belly continues to grow):

In other news - I'm feeling better and might have successfully avoided an extra trip to the doctor.  Seems silly since I have an appointment on Thursday anyways.  My ribs are hurting on my right side (I've for a few years had some aching on that side for some unknown reason) - I think this is due in part because of my coughing and full body nose blowing and in part because of my little dude who is now big enough to kick my ribs!  I love all the kicking, thumping and rolling around, but I got a kick to the ribs the other night that was a little uncomfortable...


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