Some randomness

My dog is really cute and he likes to snuggle.  I hope that he and the baby will be good buddies.  Here are some random Cooper pictures from Thursday when I worked from home:

We had some friends over on Saturday for game night and Cooper was such a good boy.  He didn't jump or bark or try to steal food or really get spazzy at all!!  He of course wanted to be right in the middle of it all, but luckily those who chose to sit on the floor were dog people, so he had several people that gave him some loving, which he totally ate up.  This gives me hope for how he'll behave when there are little people around, as well.

Plus, it was a good time having people over, which we never do.  There were 8 of us, which was a perfect amount for game playing, and everyone seemed to really get along.  I of course made too much food (mostly, too much dessert), but that's ok!  Better than not enough.  I made a Mexican Chocolate Tart (minus the pecans which I burnt - the recipe's time of 30 minutes in the oven is too long) and a Caramel Apple Tart.  Both were FANTASTIC! 

In other news, here is the baby shower invitation that Jess had made - isn't it cute?


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