Step 2: Assemble Crib

Jeff and I put the crib together on Saturday - it was remarkably easy!!  And we both LOVE the way it looks.  I've draped the sheet Jess gave me over the crib and it is coming together pretty much exactly the way I had envisioned.

At some point I need to head to JoAnn's and buy some supplies to decorate the room, projects that will likely take me the next few weekends to complete.  That should bring us about up to baby shower time, when we'll get some actual useful things to fill the room!

I also sanded the rocking chair that Lara (my co-worker) gave me.  It's painted red now and I had red dust all over me - my hands looked awful, but luckily it was just paint dust.  One of these days I will spray paint it white, but it is FREEZING outside, so I'll need to wait for it to get a little warmer because I'll need to paint it in the garage.

Here are a few pictures of my belly bump (just a day shy of 28 weeks):


  1. The crib looks great and so do you! Isn't it crazy that you have a CRIB in your house???? So exciting. :)

  2. The crib looks great and you look beautiful!!


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