The Nursery: A work in progress

We painted the nursery and it is BRIGHT!  We definitely like it, but it's a bit different from the rest of our house.  But as Jeff says, it looks like a kid's room.  Neither one of us has painted a room without help - I don't think that we've ever had to do the edging ourselves.  I will definitely never be one of those people who can do edging without tape - and even then there is some paint where it shouldn't be.  It's far from a perfect paint job, but I'm really proud of us.  It was very important to me to do this without any parental help.  I'm 30 years old, for crying out loud, and about to become a parent myself.  I should know how to do these things!

Anyways, we lucked out and got an unseasonably warm couple of days (the temperature has since plummeted today), so we were able to paint with the window open for some much needed ventilation.  I'm looking forward to putting the crib together, sanding and spray painting the rocking chair, and generally filling the room with baby supplies!

Here are the first pictures:


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