I don't do sick

It's been almost 2 years since I've been sick.  I had a light cold this fall during travel season, which annoyed me greatly, but it didn't knock me down.  I got a flu shot as recommended by my doctor.  And now I have a ridiculous cold.  It's been not quite a week, but I am ready for it to GO AWAY!!!  I can't breathe, I'm not sleeping because I can't breathe, my throat hurts, and now I have a very painful chest cough to go with the ridiculous head congestion.  I haven't taken drugs (other than throat drops) because I'm trying to be drug-free in efforts to be drug-free during child birth.  But let's face it - labor and delivery will not last for 6+ days, which is where I'm at with this cold.  So today I broke down and got Sudafed.  Come on, modern medicine, do your thing...

On the plus side - no fever.  And baby Teague is moving away.  The blowing of my nose (a frequent occurance) seems to get him kicking!


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