Due Date

Well, it's April 4, which is my estimated due date.  At my appointment this morning, my physical exam indicated that I have progressed a little since last week (still 1 cm dilated, now 90% effaced, the head is at the midline of my pelvis which I think is just above zero station), but still no telling when the baby will arrive.  Now that I am "past due," I'll go in for a Non-Stress Test 2x a week for the next 2 weeks.  Basically, they put me in a non-stressful situation (I get to chill in a recliner for 20 minutes and watch TV) and they monitor the baby's heart rate.  They want to see that his heart rate is good during those 20 minutes and that he has at least 2 peaks (meaning, his hear trate goes up if he moves).  They want to make sure he's fine in a non-stressful situation because if there is anything wrong when he's not stressed, then they have to decide how to proceed with birth (which is considered a stressful situation).  As per usual, my baby is perfect!  20 minutes, 2 peaks, all is well!  I go back Thursday, then Monday, then next Thursday (assuming the baby isn't here by then).  I will also have another OB check next Monday.

The plus side of this guy not coming today is that I'll get to see Nate tonight and not be distracted by a newborn baby.  I'd love for Nate to meet his nephew before he moves across the country, but I'm not so sure Nate would know what to do with a newborn (I don't know if I know what to do with a newborn), so I think it's just as well that he's not here yet.  Plus, Nate and I had a bit of a blow up over Christmas, and it would be nice to even have just a moment to clear the air tonight and make amends.  And now we can take him to Founders.  :)  And the next time we see Nate, our son will probably be much more fun!


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