We're starting to get annoyed by all the "is the baby here" questions.  We fully recognize that it's because people are just really excited for us and want to meet our son.  Believe me, I know!  But Jeff and I.....ok, I am NOT a patient person.  And I haven't minded talking about being close to due or over due until this morning.  I am feel VERY cranky this morning.  So, to answer your questions:

NO - the baby isn't here.
YES - I'm still at work.
WHY?  Because I didn't let myself turn into a huge fat ass and I am perfectly capable of sitting behind a desk while pregnant.  Please stop looking at me like I'm crazy.

To make matters worse - tomorrow we have our first huge visit program of the year.  I had let myself stop feeling guilty for having maternity leave during April, but now I'm not even on leave!  But a)Jeff doesn't want me going to work anymore because of how far away it is from our hospital (which I appreciate, but am also slightly annoyed by - see above comment about being capable of sitting at a desk) and b)I'm worried that should something happen tomorrow that I need to go to the hospital, no one will be able to drive me since all hands are on deck for this program.  So, I'm not going to work tomorrow.  If there is no baby, I will be sitting at home feeling guilty that I'm not at work, and WASTING my precious maternity leave.  I will undoubtedly be scrubbing my house clean just to keep busy (and to make sure there isn't rogue dog slobber in places that will gross out my in-laws when they come to stay with Cooper).

Sorry - this was a less than positive post, but I needed to have a moment; if I get it out in cyberspace, maybe I won't say something rude to some poor sap just trying to be nice to me today.


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