Some random thoughts....

I'm tired during the day, but not exhausted.  Even considering I'm getting up 2-3x a night for an hour long feeding/rocking each time.  Although I feel pretty exhausted during those feedings.  But I'm not really napping during the day.

I'm trying to keep Graham awake during the day, but that's hard!  Some days he's more alert than others.  Yesterday he was wide awake.  That didn't change that he was also up for 90 minutes from 12:30 - 2:00 am.  So today he's kinda sleepy!

We're getting into a bit of a routine.  9:30/10:00 pm feeding and bed time, 1:00am feeding, 4:30 am feeding, 8:00 wake up.  I need to shift this earlier, though, so by the time I go back to work it's more like 8:00 feeding/bedtime, 11-12:00 feeding, 3:00 (or not) feeding, 6-6:30 wake up.  The books say the first 8 weeks they don't really form habits, though you can try to start a routine now, but not expect anything to really stick until at earliest 4 weeks.  Being someone who really likes/needs routine, this is a bit of a challenge.

Graham I think is a pretty darn good baby.  I'm still learning what his fussing means.  Usually it means, FEED ME!  Or, change my diaper.  Or, I hate being naked!  He does get fussier in the evening, which I hear is normal.  It's hard because that's when we're all a little tired, and when Jeff is just getting home.  Jeff takes it a little personally, but he shouldn't.  Graham is naturally more attached to me because I grew him and now I'm the one with the boobs.  And I'm home all day.  All of this means I'm a little more comfortable with Graham too.  Jeff has been awesome, though.  I think he's getting way more comfortable with Graham, and I think once he can be a part of the feeding process the two of them will bond much more.

I have yet to use one of the many freezer meals I was frantically preparing.  I've actually made dinner almost every night.  Granted, my mom made dinner a few of those nights, but I've cooked!  I think those freezer meals will come much more in handy when I go back to work! 

I've added a few more personal touches to the nursery - I'll take pictures and post soon!

I miss work.  Mostly, I miss my friends at work.  But I also miss this CRAZY time of year at work, and in many ways wish that I could be a part of it (though there is that part of me who is also very glad to just be at home).  I'm going to Jeff's work on Friday with Graham and maybe soon I will head to Kalamazoo.  It's hard to schedule a visit to "K" in April since the office is so busy and people are traveling.  I really want everyone to be able to meet Graham!


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