It's Baby Month

That's what Jeff announced this morning.  Indeed, the baby we know WILL arrive sometime this month.  I kept wondering if he'd be a March baby like his dad, but such is not the case.  We also thought it'd be cool to have an April 1 baby, but again, not looking too likely (though I suppose there are more hours in the day and I could have a crazy quick labor, but I'm not crossing my fingers).

It's funny - we all know that I'm a very impatient person.  But I so loved being pregnant that I didn't think I'd want to stop being pregnant.  I kept reading in the books that the last month is the hardest due to the waiting.  I thought for sure I'd be totally fine waiting because I'd want to prolong the inevitable sleepless nights and all those other scary things that come with actually having the baby.  The last few weeks, though, have been LONG!  I still feel good - don't get me wrong.  But this belly is getting heavy and walking is harder and I just want to meet my son.  The planners in me and Jeff are going crazy not being able to plan for ANYTHING.  We just need him here so we can start our lives as parents.

If Monday comes round (my due date) and still no baby, I'm scheduling an acupuncture appointment.  Boy will my acupuncturist be surprised...I stopped going at the end of June before I was pregnant because it was getting pricey and I was getting antsy and I just decided that I needed a break from "trying" to get pregnant.  I recall once that he said he could induce labor more effectively than Pitocin.  So, next week, I may be paying him another visit...


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