A night with Nate

The one perk about my son not arriving on or before his due date is that we were able to host Nate and his friend Erik for the one night that they visited.  My brother is moving to Portland, Oregon.  Crazy!  But I think necessary.  Nate's walk through life has had it's challenges, many of which he's created, a few of which were outside of his control, but he's never really given up on his dream to be a working musician.  Where does one go when they're in their 20's and want to live in a place that respects music?  Portland, Oregon, apparently.  So why not.  Nate needed to get away from MD (and away from mom and dad) and start something on his own.  And it's good for my parents to ACTUALLY be empty-nesters; Nate will no longer be an excuse for why they aren't doing something.

So anyways, the first leg of the drive was from MD to MI.  Nate hasn't visited us here in GR in the 6 years we've lived here and it was a little frustrating that my due date was the one night that he was finally coming, but it all worked.  We got to go to Founders (Greg met us out there), eat some sandwiches, drink good beer (well, I didn't), and just enjoy each other's company.  We hung out for a little while back at my place until my pregnant self who had to work the next day just couldn't stay up anymore (which was like until 10:30 - ha!).  Then the next morning we hung out a bit before Nate and Erik hit the road (I guess they drove from here to Cheyenne Wyoming - 18 hours - holy crap) and I went to work.

Here are a few pictures - I realized too late I didn't get any with me and Nate together.  Oh well.  Next time?
Nate and Greg talking shop

My handsome husband

An action shot - give me beer!


I know - we're a cute couple

Erik and Nate


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